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Golf Subliminal Messages-Money Back Guaranteed
Golf Subliminal messages will change your game.
On each shot; let out scenery, friends, jokes, previous shots and all around you out,
Money Back Guarantee, be a better golfer...

Tiger Woods started hearing “Subliminal Messages” with positive suggestions since he was a little boy... 
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The golf subliminal messages we include in the recordings will make you believe in yourself with the end result of becoming a better golfer, with a great golf swing, creating the habit of keeping the head still for great golf scores. You will be calm and enjoying your golf game always.
Subliminal message are message that not perceived by the conscious mind; only perceived and remembered by the sub-conscious mind… 
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With The Golf Subliminal Messages program, (S.M. Program) you will get the 15 subliminal messages we include in 4 different formats, all for the price of one. The S.M. formats included are: Silent Binaural Beats, Silent Sound, Ocean Waves and Deep Sleep Binaural Beats.

For only $30.00, customers gets 15 Golf Subliminal Messages in four different sound formats, which is $7.50 for each golf subliminal message. Cheaper than other golf subliminal message program in the market, also cheaper than golf lessons.

We are so confident our golf subliminal messages works better than golf lessons and will make you a better golfer with a better golfer attitude that, we offer a full money back guarantee agreement. Think of it as a free golf school or free golf lessons or even better, free improvement of your golf swing. If our golf subliminal messages don’t help you improve your golf swing and scores within the next 45 days, we will refund in full the paid amount.

Please notice that we are NOT asking our golfers to visit the range and practice, with the swing you actually have and believing in yourself you will be a better golfer, money back guaranteed.

With the purcase of the S.M. Program, we offer a full money back guarantee. The guarantte program requires clients to play/listen to one of the 4 Subliminal Messages a minimum of 2 times a day (more time will only benefit you), for 45 consecutive days. To help us determine the customer’s golf improvement, clients should post the golf scores every time they play. We not only guarantee your money back, but the subliminal messages will make you a better golfers and with the new learned positive mental attitude you will be playing golf in calm and always have an enjoyable experience.
After you complete the "Buy Now" S.M. Program process, you will be taken to the registration page. You must register; this is one of the requirements of the Money Back Guarantee Agreement. After that, Playing Golf, Listening Subliminal Messages and Registering your Golf Scores completes the Guarantee requirements.
Note: You can pay with your Credit Card without creating a PayPal account.